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Tagua nut door knobs by Adriana Carrasco

Our in-house interior designer Adriana Carrasco from Cuenca Properties graduated in design from the University of Azuay in 2001 and studied jewelery design at the Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School and Academy in Florence (Italy).

tagua nut door knobs

Original designs using tagua nuts by Adriana Carrasco

The time she spent conducting her thesis and living with the Shuar people in the Ecuadorian Amazon taught her the importance of valuing natural resources, using aternative materials in design, and the importance of working with locals when conducting her work.

tagua nut door knobs

Door knob design and production by Adriana Carrasco

More recently Carrasco has also set up a fair trade project alongside artisans on the Ecuadorian coast to design and create functional products using tagua nuts including door knobs and other original finishings which she uses in her interior design projects.

article in Crear Ambientes

Article in Crear Ambientes #30 2009

These original pieces are stunning additions for any home. Contact us if you’d like to find out more, commission Adriana to design original finishings or to purchase tagua nut door knobs.