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The Financial Times publishes an article about the property boom in Cuenca

David Kaufman writes about Cuenca and the way it has “quietly emerged as one of the most popular expatriate communities in all of Latin America”. To write the article he interviewed Juan Heredia from Cuenca Properties (and founding partner at ISAM), Ashley Rogers from Ecuador At Your Service, David Morrill from Cuenca Real Estate and Jorge Espinosa from Luxury Destinations Ecuador.

“In recent years Cuenca, Ecuador’s third-largest city, has quietly emerged as one of the most popular expatriate communities in all of Latin America. Set on the banks of the Tomebamba River in Ecuador’s southern highlands, the city is a 45-minute flight from the capital, Quito. Cuenca’s moderate costs and mild temperatures have made it a magnet for North American retirees. Indeed, upwards of 4,000 foreigners are thought to have settled in Cuenca over the past decade, most over the age of 50, but many far younger with an eye toward entrepreneurship or “telecommuting” with their offices back home.”

property in Cuenca Ecuador

Article about Cuenca’s property boom in the Financial Times

You can read the full article on the Financial Times website here.

Author: Cecilia Bogaard

A firm believer in the importance of working to preserve Cuenca’s old town, Cecilia is in charge of creating and maintaining the online presence of Cuenca Properties. She also runs Tertulia Communication which provides web consulting services, social media management, photography and events management.

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