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  • Adriana Carrasco

    Sales & interior design

    Mobile: +593 99 816 2628

    Office: +593 7 283 0859

    Carrasco launched Cuenca Properties in 2009, is a founding partner at ISAM and works as an interior designer in Cuenca. Fluent in Spanish, English and Italian, Carrasco graduated in design from the University of Azuay and studied jewelery design at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School and Academy in Florence (Italy). After conducting her thesis with the Shuar people in the Amazon, she has applied their use of natural and alternative materials in later design projects, including the design of functional products using tagua nuts such as door knobs and other original finishings.

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  • Juan Heredia


    Mobile: +593 99 816 2620

    Office: +593 7 283 0859

    An adamant supporter of Cuenca old town Heredia is a founding partner of both ISAM (a property developer that rehabilitates run-down buildings in the historic center of Cuenca to convert them into private housing projects) and TerraDiversa (a tour operator that organizes travel for foreigners throughout Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru and abroad). He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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