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About us

Based in Cuenca (Ecuador), Cuenca Properties is a property sale and rental service dedicated to helping you find an exceptional house or apartment in the historic center. In order to save you time, we only list a select group of properties chosen for their superior characteristics.

We provide a personal service and work with a network of professionals to guide you every step of the way, either in English or Spanish. But that’t not all! We also offer an interior design service to ensure you create your dream home.

real estate in cuenca ecuador

Adriana Carrasco and Juan Heredia from Cuenca Properties on site with clients

Some of the properties you’ll find listed for rent in our database are our very own. Located in an emblematic part of the historic center of Cuenca, on Calle Large and within the famed Barranco that overlooks River Tomebamba, our apartments can be found within Casa Heredia-Carrasco and are ideal for exploring the city. Click here to find out more: Barranco Condos – A, Barranco Condos – B and Barranco Condos – C.

El Barranco Condos surpassed my requirements and was key to 3 terrific months I will never forget and a city I fell in love with. I’ll be back! Thanks Juan, Adriana and great staff for a wonderful experience.

Jan Cestari

This website was launched in 2009 by designer Adriana Carrasco and Juan Heredia to promote the historic center of Cuenca as a place to live. Carrasco and Heredia are founding partners at ISAM, a property developer that believes vehemently in the rehabilitation of run down buildings in the historic center. To that aim ISAM has designed and built the following projects:

  1. Casa Heredia Carrasco
  2. Casa San Sebastian
  3. Casa Juan Jaramillo
  4. Casa de los Frutales
  5. Casas del Nogal
What makes Cuenca Properties different?
  1. Our mission is to help our clients find and create beautiful, livable spaces that meet their aesthetic, functional and economic goals.
  2. We provide a comprehensive, friendly and flexible service to help our clients buy, rent or sell properties in Cuenca.
  3. To save you time when searching for a property we only list a select group of properties chosen for their superior characteristics.
  4. We offer interior design when needed and respect local architecture and aesthetics while appreciating the freshness of modern design.
  5. We charge an economic flat fee for listing your propery, thereby avoiding any last minute surprises.
  6. We offer additional services including real estate photography and home styling because we understand how to market your property in Cuenca.
  7. Our network of collaborating professionls includes architects, builders, artists, artisans and lawyers who share our vision.

Have a read about our services, browse our selection of properties for sale or rent in Cuenca and contact us directly if you have any questions.